Adam Cole chef

Interview with Adam Cole

Adam Cole, executive chef at Maple Block Meat Co. in Culver City, is giving a public lecture at the University of Florida as part of SmellTaste2017. Adam has found success in the culinary world despite being born without a sense of smell, something he kept secret for many years of working in kitchens. We caught up with Adam to ask him a few questions about his involvement in SmellTaste2017.

1. Why are smell and taste so important to you?

Monique Selman

Interview with Monique Selman

Monique Selman will be attending SmellTaste2017, the first support and education event in the US for people affected by smell and taste disorders. Fifth Sense's Gudrun Lauret interviewed Monique, who has congenital anosmia, and asked her about life without a sense of smell and what she’s looking forward to at the event.

1. Why are smell and taste so important to you?

Smell is only important when I think about. I’ve been doing some research on anosmia lately, and it’s interesting learning about a subject I know nothing about.


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