Interview with Eric Dreyer from First Magnitude

First Magnitude is a craft brewing company based in Gainesville, FL. They are supporting SmellTaste2017 and are going to be bringing a selection of beers to the social evening on the Friday evening of the event. Brewer Eric Dreyer is going to be on hand to talk to guests about the different sensory elements within beer such as basic taste and mouthfeel. We caught up with Eric to find out more.

Jacob LaMendola

Interview with Jacob LaMendola

Jacob LaMendola was born without a sense of smell. In 2011 he made a documentary called 'Anosmia' in which he interviewed other people affected by this condition. We caught up with him ahead of SmellTaste2017 to ask him about making the documentary and his experience of life without olfaction.

Why are smell and taste important to you?

Interview with Jeb Justice MD

Fifth Sense spoke to Jeb Justice MD, Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology at the University of Florida, who’ll be speaking at SmellTaste2017. Here, he talks about what he’ll be covering in his lecture and what he thinks the medical profession can do for patients.

Why are smell and taste so important to you?


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